I have been sewing since I was in my teenage years.

I took up quilting as it was easy not having the time to keep up with the fashion I could pick it up put it down and finish the quilt in leisure that was 30 years ago I knew what I wanted to do when and if I ever retired so I went to a lot of lessons all over Brisbane - The Sunshine Coast and even went to Melbourne for some very specialized training I loved the whole process of making a quilt.


Family members near and far as well as friends who had special birthdays or wedding anniversaries became the beneficiaries of my passion. 20 years ago, we moved to a bigger home and as it was being designed I added a large fabulous workshop purpose built a perfect playpen for someone who loves to play with fabric.

Family members started asking me to show them how to make a quilt, then I bought a beautiful quilting machine that has really put the icing on the cake and then I sold that one after a few years because I wanted to have a computerized machine with the largest quilting frame on the market, making the actual quilting better and have the ability to work on really large quilts. And so I had a patio that was just outside my sewing room enclosed took of the doors to my sewing room and now I really have the perfect purpose area to teach and to cut and to finish all those beautiful quilts that are sitting in ladies cupboards just waiting to be finished and enjoyed.

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