Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


Handmade Quilts

What You Can Expect From My Handmade Quilts

Handmade quilts can be unique gifts that comfort friends and family members and become heirlooms as the years pass on. I pay special attention to the designs of my quilts and offer 30 years of experience with high-quality material and artistry.

What To Consider When Buying Homemade Quilts

A quilt is a cosy blanket commonly with three layers of fabric. The use of quilting techniques combines three layers of material to reinforce the quilt itself. Quilts contain stitching patterns for decoration or one single piece of art. My handmade quilts for sale come straight from Australia, made with my own hands for beautiful gifts. You can choose between a wall hanging quilt or a handmade patchwork quilt in various patterns and designs.

  • Knowing what you are looking for and having a budget works in your favour when you start shopping. I have a variety of handmade quilts that come in different sizes and price ranges. For example, if you buy for parents to be, it may be perfect to consider softer designs that provide comfort.
  • The photos on my website are clear and authentic. However, there might be slight differences in colour as my lighting may differ from yours. It's always best to prepare for subtle differences since my quilts are handmade, and no two are the same.
  • If you doubt a product, especially a handmade one, I would recommend asking as many questions as you need to ensure you have all the necessary information to make the right purchase. You are not only buying a quilt but also a work of art, something that will stay in your family for years, and I want to ensure you get the best.

At Villa Blanck Quilts, I provide premium quality handmade quilts with stunning designs and prints from which you can choose.

My Handmade Quilts Collection From Australia

With my variety of designs and craft experience, my handmade patchwork quilts for sale are perfect for gifting to your family and friends. I offer handmade quilts for sale in Australia, created with high-quality materials and state of the art stitching techniques. With over 30 years of quilting experience, I ensure my approach remains up to date and aim to learn new things daily. I love advancing my skills and teaching everybody in my classes everything I know. I use all my skills in every project I take on to give you the best quilt.

  • The Anzac Day inspired quilt is the perfect piece for a wall hanging or lap quilt. The design of this quilt is in honour of the men and women who served this country with bravery and is custom-made to order.
  • The All Systems Glow quilt is ideal for a little boy who has big enough dreams to fill the universe. It's a complete piece quilt of space adventures. You can incorporate this quilt in your bedtime stories about astronauts and make it the best experience for your child.
  • A quilt is a perfect gift for parents to be. It provides comfort for the mother and warmth for the baby. It's soft and light in colour and provides a sense of comfort and safety. My Baby's First Kiss quilt is the best gift you can add to your gift basket for the parents to be.
  • White Magnolia is a patterned quilt displaying magnolia flowers and a range of light and dark contrasting colours. This quilt is big enough for a single bed or a throw on your favourite couch and is the perfect gift for Mother's Day or grandmother birthday.

Why You Should Buy from Villa Blanck Quilts

At Villa Blanck Quilts, I only provide the highest quality materials and products available on the market. My quilts are perfect gifts for friends and family as birthday or anniversary gifts, and some even become heirlooms after some time. I have a large workshop where I design and manufacture my quilts. Here, I also offer classes where I teach the technique.

So, order your favourite quilt online today or contact me for any further queries.