Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


I make the quilts to be used as floor rugs pram covers or for baby to roll around on, play with their toys, take it in the car or to the park all these quilt are cold water machine washable.

Baby Quilts

Beautiful Baby Quilts Available Online

For beautifully detailed and exceptionally made baby quilts, view the range available from Villa Blanck Quilts. The handmade baby quilts manufactured in Australia are very popular amongst my many collections. I also stock a range of wall hangings that cover various themes and interests, which you can display and hang like artwork.

As a proudly Australian company, I endeavour to celebrate our history, flora, fauna and tourist landmarks. Scroll through my ANZAC or Australiana collections if you’re feeling patriotic or looking for a gift for overseas family members. Need a new baby gift? Each block in the ABC and Toys Quilt is exquisitely finished and will be enjoyed by infants and toddlers alike.

Villa Blanck Quilts – The Beginning

I am truly blessed to be doing something that I don't consider work. My journey began more than thirty years ago.

  • I began quilting as a hobby, and this soon grew into a passion. As my skills increased, so did my repertoire. Lucky friends and family would receive handcrafted gifts made with love.
  • I knew even then that this passion would grow to become my career, so I attended many courses all over Brisbane to learn skills and improve my technique, and I even travelled to Melbourne for highly specialised training. The more I learned, the more I loved it.
  • The opportunity arose to add a workshop to our house when we moved and renovated some twenty years ago, and I grabbed it. Over the years, as my skills and needs increased, I purchased specialised equipment and computerised machinery.

Something for Everyone

I make handmade baby quilts in various designs and colours that are suitable for boys and girls. Baby cot quilts make ideal presents for newborns. The quilts are also ideal as pram covers or floor rugs for the lucky baby to roll around on.

  • The Keys to the Kingdom design is an ideal gift for little girls. With famous Disney princesses from loved fairy tales, the brightly coloured quilt will quickly become a best-loved item.
  • Reach for the Stars is one of my favourite designs. The iconic fantasy unicorn is set amongst a colourful backdrop and emblazoned with stars.
  • My horse collection is well-liked, and I have added different designs to this collection over the years. If the special man in your life is a motorbike enthusiast, he will love The Dirt Bike Co or The Burrangong Creek wall hangings to display proudly.

A Gift That’s Worth a Thousand Words

Show you care by giving a personalised and thoughtful gift for a special occasion. Please scroll through our various collections to find something you will be delighted to choose and thrilled to present. My baby quilts made in Australia are available in multiple styles and designs, and the size and quality make them versatile and durable. Ordering is a snip, and you will receive your order via Australian Post.

View our range and contact me today to place your no-fuss order online.