Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


Horses in their natural habitat or as working horses or sporting animals or just colourful horses quilts

Horse Quilts

You’ll Love My Beautiful Handmade Horse Quilts

Villa Blanck Quilts was born from my love for sewing in general, more specifically quilting. I started quilting over twenty years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Many of the first horse quilts I stitched were gifted to family and friends. I have attended several quilting courses and specialised training to perfect my art, and I have also invested in a top-of-the-line quilting machine to accommodate the larger quilts I create. Eventually, people even started asking me to show them how to quilt. I now have a fabulous workshop space where I offer you advice and assistance with your quilts, as well as creating a wonderful assortment of my own.

What You Can Expect from Villa Blanck Quilts Regarding Horse-Themed Quilts

If you know someone who loves horses and has everything, we’ve got the perfect idea for their next birthday gift – one of my horse panel quilts.

  • You can choose from a range of quilt sizes. Some of my quilts are just the right size to be used as a lap blanket, while others are the perfect fit for your little one’s cot.
  • The horse quilts that I make are priced from $150 per quilt up to $270 for the larger quilts.
  • If I have the quilt you would like in stock, I will dispatch it to you via Australia Post within five working days, at standard shipping rates. If a quilt is not in stock, I will advise you of this and then keep you informed of the progress I make on your quilt, right up until I package and ship it.

Other Quilts You Can Choose from in Addition to My Horse Panel Quilts

Not only do I have a range of horse-themed quilts, but you’ll also be surprised at the variety of other themes from which you can choose. You can also use my quilts as wall hangings, which is an excellent option if you’d prefer to keep your new quilt in as lovely a condition as when you first receive it.

  • Lest we never forget, I have a unique selection of ANZAC-themed quilts. Some depict the landing at Gallipoli, while others pay tribute to the contributions women made to support the war effort.
  • For those who have children or expect a baby, you’ll be delighted with my range of quilts for babies and children. Many of my quilts are sized to fit perfectly into a cot, and older kids will love the themed quilts I create.
  • In addition to these, I also have a wide selection of quilts boasting an Australian theme, flowers, or sports. If I don’t have just what you are looking for, I’m happy to discuss options with you.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Villa Blanck Quilts

My quilting studio is family-owned and operated, and I can ship your bespoke quilt anywhere in Australia. My affordable and unusual quilts are perfect for giving to someone special as a gift, even more so when you realise that they can enjoy their quilt for many years to come. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a personalised or customised quilt or have any other questions about my quilts.