Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


Daughter Quilts

Give Your Daughter a Quilt That Will Melt Her Heart

Everyone in my family from my uncle to my daughter, owns a quilt. My love for quilting now warms the feet of every person who ever celebrated an anniversary or a birthday. Making beautiful high quality, and personalised quilts for almost three decades has led me to acquire a set of skills that I can’t wait to share to make more people in Australia happy with bright designs locally made.

The Benefits of Owning a Quilt

Allow me the pleasure of sharing with you how owning my first quilt was the beginning of a beautiful journey and why everyone, mother, daughter, and sister, should own a quilt.

  • Quilts brighten up the room. Having a bright quilt for your daughters’ beds can bring new life into their bedrooms.
  • They make great gifts. “To my daughter. May this quilt keep you snug and warm throughout the winter, and may all your dreams come true.” It goes without further explanation that from a practical point, quilts make fantastic gifts.
  • Quilts can create sentimental bonds. Just as passing down jewellery has sentimental value, so does your grandmother's quilt that she used before central heating was invented. Maybe your mother quilts, and she made you a special one as her daughter. If you take care of it, then you too can pass it on to your children.

Why You Should Choose Us.

After many years of following my passion and working on personal masterpieces, I turned my love for quilting into a business so I may share that love with the rest of Australia.

  • My quilts are handmade. Even though I have moved from old fashioned sewing methods to using modern technology when quilting, every design still passes through my fingers. I pay exceptional attention to every detail, so you receive the best quality quilt in Australia.
  • Personalised quilts and Australian designs. Your unique new quilt will find a special place in your home. My quilts are made to order, so you know that you will receive your one-of-a-kind quilt created with special care that doesn’t conform to mass production products of similar nature. In addition, I create a range of genuinely authentic local fauna and Australian flora designs that can either bring out your patriotic side or make the perfect gift to a loved one abroad.
  • Apple Pay and shipping. You can find many convenient ways to pay for your order, giving you the freedom to choose between Apple Pay, Afterpay and more. We will ship your quilt to anywhere in Australia, and I hold the pleasure of keeping you updated on the progress of your order to make sure it arrives safely.

About Us

Starting as a hobby nearly 30 years ago, my passion is not only to make high-quality quilts but to proudly provide beautifully custom-made quilts with local designs Australia-wide. Handmade, each one of my creations I design from the heart, with the hope that you may find many years of joy when purchasing one of my creations.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.