Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


A collection of Wall Hanging historical quilts that Honours our Anzacs and Women In Wartime Services from all the theaters of war that Australia has been involved with up to the Vietnam Era. Hopefully more will be added to these historical quilts.

Anzac Inspired Quilt

A quilt is a skilful art piece made for symbolic or practical use: it is rich in craftsmanship and can serve as a celebration or remembrance like an Anzac inspired quilt.

Quilting Development

In simple terms, quilting refers to the process of laying and stitching fabric. Some historical evidence points to the first quilts found in ancient Egypt and China, as far back as 3500BC. Here’s some background to how quilting developed:

  • Quilting in the USA only took off after the Civil War, when fabric became more readily available.
  • The quilting was worn by Crusaders in the 12th century in Europe as undergarments under their armour for comfort, warmth and protection.
  • Quilts throughout Asia differ from place to place, depending on the local culture, ethnicities and religion. The thread running through the development of quilts lies in that quilts have always been used for practical and symbolic reasons.

A Short Info Guide for an Anzac Inspired Quilt Panel

Anzac is commemorated annually on 25 April, this is a day of commemoration for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who took part in the capture of the Gallipoli Peninsula, part of Turkey, to open the Dardanelles for the Allied Navy.

  • An Anzac inspired quilt serves as a remembrance of the day. This day received its name in 1916, a year after the event took place. It is now a day of remembrance for all soldiers that took part in peacekeeping operations, wars and conflicts.
  • It can contain symbols that are associated with conflict, like barbed wire and sandbags.
  • Photos can be used or embroidery – whichever will support the message best.