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Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


Sports Quilt

Running out of ideas for gifts for the human in your life that is sport crazy? Building a remembrance of their favourite sporting moments or teams with a sports quilt means a locally made, personalised gift.

What You Should Know About a Sports Quilt

A sports quilt is a very specific panel or piece designed from various sports uniforms, whether rugby jerseys or athletic T-shirts. Because quilts are practical, this is the ideal gift for a sports lover when reaching a milestone.

  • Any sports jersey or shirt can be used.
  • A collection of team emblems can make a very memorable quilt.
  • It can be dedicated to a specific sport or team or an overview of a lifetime of sport teams or participation.

A History of Quilting

Quilting has been around for centuries, and some say the firsts were made during medieval times. The process of quilting developed with slight differences over time, depending on the country and its circumstance.

  • What is now seen as a form of art, and serves as decoration started as a necessity, used for bedding. It was old cloth, stitched together by hand. Quilts were also stitched over and over, a wonderful way of reusing the old.
  • The word quilt is derived from the Latin word culcita, meaning ‘stuffed sack’ and refers to a three-layer stitched item. The English word made its appearance around 1300.
  • In earlier years, it was also used as door hangings to keep the cold out.

A sports quilt is a precious item and serves as a reminder of their passion, and it is a meaningful gift.