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Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


These are embroidered quilts designed to be hung like artworks

Wall Hangings Quilts

How Wall Hangings Quilts Transforms Your Space

If your home or workspace requires a unique touch of creative flair, wall hangings quilts may be just what the environment needs to improve the ambience. These pieces offer a different way of adorning your space with decor that stand out.

The Benefits of a Quilt Wall Hanging

Whether you’re new to the idea of adorning your home with quilts or you’re a seasoned quilt collector, you won’t be left disappointed in choosing these intricate designs to uplift your environment:

  • A creative form of decor: The items used to decorate your living or workspace plays a significant role in the look and feel of the room. Choosing a piece that can both soothe you and spark your creativity makes for a good investment since it offers more than just a visually appealing piece to add to your room. The quilt wall hanging products can uplift the mood of a room, depending on the design.
  • A unique gift for a loved one: If you’re looking to give a friend or family member a gift that’s different to the norm, gifting them a quilt to hang on their wall may be well-received and appreciated by them. The quilt can be designed to help mark the occasion at hand if you choose to use a company that provides customisable options. A personalised quilt that is centred around your loved one’s favourite theme or relating to a special milestone, will go a long way.
  • To commemorate a special occasion: Hanging quilts on walls offer advantages that stretch further than helping to bring life into a room. Special occasions or significant milestones in one’s life can be commemorated at a party or event through these items, as they are easily personalised to suit whatever the cause for celebration. Personalised quilts that are directly related to the milestone at hand can be kept as a memento too for future remembrance.

Hanging quilts on walls not only transforms an environment for the better, but it can make for a thoughtful gift too.

Problems Villa Blanck Quilts Addresses

I know that when choosing a quilt, you want to ensure you get your hands on high-quality, versatile products. These are some ways in which I can help you get your hands on the perfect quilt for your needs:

  • Since the context of why you’re purchasing a quilt may differ from person to person, the choice to personalise the quilt you choose plays an essential role in whether or not the item is suitable for the occasion at hand. Luckily, I provide highly customisable options to suit whatever occasion arises.
  • You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get your hands on quality quilts either. Our products include a high quality quilt wall hanging or you buy a quilt for your bed. I will help you find the right quilt for your needs.
  • To top it off, when you support our brand, you support local manufacturing as our products are Australian designed and made. Invest in unique quilts that are made with the utmost attention to detail and care.

If you’re looking at hanging quilts on walls that are of high quality and look striking, our customisable quilts should be your go-to.

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