Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!
Welcome to Villa Blanck Quilts online store!


I have been sewing since I was in my teenage years.

I took up quilting as it was easy not having the time to keep up with the fashion I could pick it up put it down and finish the quilt in leisure that was 30 years ago I knew what I wanted to do when and if I ever retired so I went to a lot of lessons all over Brisbane - The Sunshine Coast and even went to Melbourne for some very specialized training I loved the whole process of making a quilt.

Family members near and far as well as friends who had special birthdays or wedding anniversaries became the beneficiaries of my passion. 20 years ago, we moved to a bigger home and as it was being designed I added a large fabulous workshop purpose built a perfect playpen for someone who loves to play with fabric. Family members started asking me to show them how to make a quilt, then I bought a beautiful quilting machine that has really put the icing on the cake and then I sold that one after a few years because I wanted to have a computerized machine with the largest quilting frame on the market, making the actual quilting better and have the ability to work on really large quilts. And so I had a patio that was just outside my sewing room enclosed took of the doors to my sewing room and now I really have the perfect purpose area to teach and to cut and to finish all those beautiful quilts that are sitting in ladies cupboards just waiting to be finished and enjoyed.


Quilting Shop

Sunshine Coast Quilting Shop

At Villa Blanck’s quilting shop, you will find the most beautiful and unique quilts for today’s comfort and to become tomorrow’s heirlooms. I have a wide range of quilts available in my online quilting shop, where you can select the perfect gift for your loved ones. Quilts are made to order at my studio in Bli, with special care to detail and quality. At Villa Blanck Quilts, you will find some of the best quilts for sale in Australia.

Once you have chosen your quilt, it can be easily personalised with an embroidered special message. You are most welcome to contact the Villa Blanck studio directly if you wish to have a custom made quilt designed and made for you. I can assist with fabric and pattern selection, colour combinations and embroidery, depending on your requirements. I can also help you with a quilt project that you are busy with yourself. My team and I can guide and give advice and provide you with a tutorial on any technique or skill you are uncertain about.

Quilt Collections

Start your quilt shopping online adventure by browsing through various beautiful quilts that will make the perfect gift. There is a Sports Collection, an Anzac-inspired Collection as well as a selection of Wall Hangings, to name a few.

My selection of horse themed quilts is exceedingly popular among online quilt shops in Australia. Not only do I make high quality signature quilts, but I also offer quilting and embroidery as finishing touches for your home projects.

Quilting and Embroidery Services

Not all quilt shops in Australia offer personalised quilting and embroidery services as I do at Villa Blanck Quilts. My high-quality services cater to all your needs and is a cost-effective and visually appealing way to personalise quilts.

As one of the best quilting stores in Australia, Villa Blanck Quilts can quickly assist with all your quilting and embroidery needs. You might be uncertain about a particular technique or style of quilting, that I can gladly help you with some know-how or how-to guidance.

Memorable Gifts

I will keep you updated as your quilt progresses and provide a tracking number upon dispatch of your order. I strive to dispatch all in-stock orders within five working days. If items are not in stock, delivery times will vary, but a sales advisor can estimate delivery time. If you wish to return or exchange your order of in-stock items, I'll send a replacement as soon as I receive your return.

Contact me today to get started on creating the most memorable quilt gift for a family member or friend. Let us deliver the visually pleasing embroidered image on your business shirts or caps for promotion or uniform. Our quilts are of the highest quality, handmade in Australia. Visit our store or order online. Try our old fashioned service delivery, where the extra mile comes with a smile.