This is the last process before the quilt is ready to be given to that special person in your life.

The wadding that’s the part that keep you warm is sandwiched between the top and the backing and the quilting begins the choice is always made by the client according to their budget and guided to what is best practice to make the top of the quilt stand out and Quilting makes the quilt.

The choices are Custom quilting where every element of the quilt is done individually or if the top has several borders then each border can be quilted using a different design for each border then the centre of the quilt can have another design that goes border or an all over edge to edge, this is the most economical but always the design is matched to what is best for the quilt top.

How the quilt is priced

  • There is no charge for preparing and setting up the quilt as this could take up to an hour or longer depending on the size of the quilt.
  • Square foot pricing is what is used to estimate the cost of quilting plus.
  • Cost of threads used as only best Egyptian Cotton Threads are used in all the work.
  • Cost of quilt backing, and wadding will be charged according to quantity and quality used.
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